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The Sheep

Icelandic Sheepskins

Skins of Icelandic sheep are distinguished by two things, the unusually long hair and the varying natural colors.

The skins combine outstanding quality and a wild original appearance. The Icelandic sheep wool is composed of two types of hair, guard hair and undercoat. The top coat is long, between 15 and 25 cm, and is a little rough. The undercoat is short, soft and elastic. Combined, these two types of hair give the skin its special and beautiful appearance.

A Robust Breed of Sheep

The Icelandic sheep is a robust breed which is born and roams freely in nature. The wool's unusual character is the result of centuries of adaption to the harsh Icelandic climate. 

Natural Colors

Icelandic skins come in five natural colors: grey, brown, black, white and spotted natural varieties of these. It's been said that no two skins are alike. As white wool is best suited for coloration, the natural shades have been bred away in most other places around the world. In Iceland, the original sheep has been preserved as it's kept for its meat, and thus the colors have been allowed to remain natural.


During tanning no artificial color or detrimental chromium is used. Without these chemicals, the skins are both skin allergy and nature friendly.

Some scenic images of the Icelandic sheep in their natural surroundings.