Life is hard enough...

The Bèèèh Bench.

The Bench is made from soft, natural teak wood and is comfortable thanks to its soft filling. Stockhome has covered the bench with beautiful Icelandic sheepskins from The Organic sheep. These skins are distinguished by their unusually long hair and varying natural colors.

The skins of these wild roaming sheep are treated in a 100% skin and environmentally friendly way, without the use of damaging chromium. Thus it warms both you and your conscious.

The Bèèèh Bench is available in 5 varieties: White, Black, spotted White/Black, spotted White/Cognac, and spotted White/Brown.

If desired, you can tell us your preferences, so we can build the the Bèèèh Bench according to your personal taste. If you have any questions, please contact us! 

Technical specifications:

Materials: Sheepskin, bare teak wood, and foam rubber.

Dimensions: Bench: h:64cm w:74cm d:30cm

Skin length: ca. 15 to 20cm.

Colors: White, Black, spotted White/Black, spotted White/Cognac, spotted White/Brown


The sale of the Bèèèh Stool is handled by  

As every sheepskin is different, you can send us your preference.