Life is hard enough...

Welcome to The Bèèèh Stool

The Stool.

To sit on, land your feet on, to admire, and to hug. This Bèèèh Stool is your new friend. The stools are covered with unique Icelandic sheepskins of The Organic Sheep and impress with their unusually long hair and varying natural colors. 

The skins, of wildly roaming sheep, are 100% environmentally friendly treated, so they give you all of the warmth and none of the worries. The stools are comfortable thanks to a thick foam rubber layer under the skin.

As you can see on the pictures, even the bottom of the stools are covered. We didn't want it to catch a cold!

The Bèèèh Stool is available in 5 varieties: white, black, spotted white/black, spotted white/cognac, and spotted white/brown. 

  Besides the Bèèèh Stool, we also created the Bèèèh Bench.